Brand story

The Definition of “Hudef Pickleball”

The name HUDEF comes from a strong, brave and very kind warrior in the East. He was born to defend justice! HUDEF learned to be strong and braves enough to challenge the difficulties, challenge the difficulties under the cultivation of his understanding, kind and “never give up” attitude of his Father.

The name HUDEF is a combination of Chinese and Western names, the Oriental meaning of “breaking the cocoon into a dish”. This meant that HUDEF and his Father met many difficulties in life and vowed to focus their energies on making positive change and contributions to their society and fellow human beings through their culture and through the Sport of Pickleball.

As a child, HUDEF loved sports and athletics with a dream to contribute as much as possible to the happiness and well-being of his community through sports. HUDEF’s first job was in the sports industry and by accident, was asked to help a client develop new products for a relatively new sport...Pickleball!

HUDEF traveled to Seattle, Washington, not knowing that was where the game was invented! From that day forward, HUDEF knew that he and Pickleball would be one and the same. He discovered that this was the perfect game to promote health and fitness from the elderly to the young. HUDEF became the name of his company and brand in the U.S. and has quickly become a world-wide brand name in the industry.

Eventually, HUDEF began his company in Colorado to tell the world that the great Sport of Pickleball began in the United States, but that the sport is now enjoyed around the world.

---The final interpretation of this article belongs to HUDEF SPORT INC.

Brand mission: spread positive energy,and we show our respect for players by making the best paddles.