Why HUDEF printing Pickleball Paddle is the Top Choice for Players?

The Latest Advanced Outer Surface Material with High Performance.

Since May 2015, we have established a dedicated R&D team to optimize the outer surface material of pickleball paddle. Eventually, the HUDEF pickleball paddle was successfully launched to the market in 2017.

Why did HUDEF pickleball paddle soon become popular with public since its initial launch? Why is HUDEF pickleball paddle more durable than other similar products? What factors make it different?

Since HUDEF launched pickleball paddles in 2017, it has acquired well reputation amongst the public, especially XL1.2 and HB2.0. HUDEF has been widely recognized by many professional players across the world, such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, India and other countries. The unique surface of HUDEF pickleball paddle can greatly help players to maximize the spin placed on the ball. In order to fully leverage the paddle, players should hit the ball at precise angle, time and force.

Key Highlights of HUDEF Special printing: The outer surface is made from multi-layered new materials. HUDEF special printing has taken full advantages of the principle of table tennis rotating surface, including its tension and elasticity, as well as the sound principle of hitting the ball. Mr. Stan Sunil and his research team have designed a pickleball paddle by the use of multi-layered new material structure solution, which features softer surface and improved feel of paddle-ball contact compared with 3D printing and ordinary products. In addition, its surface is far more durable and helps players to enhance spin control, while delivering relatively large tension and absorbing sound vibrations to reduce noise levels.

Please see the figures below:

I. Comparison of Surface Materials

II. Comparison of Ball Control

 Pickelball is an exciting sport for virtually anyone, in which player must hit the ball deep in the court to the weaker side of opponent with various speeds, spins and bounces. So, players should possess good physical fitness and predictive abilities, as well as quick reaction time and exceptional forearm strength to hit the ball precisely and perfectly.

The tolerance control of HUDEF Special printing surface material helps reduce faults caused by incorrect angle and swing direction, thus allowing players to hit the ball and safely land it in opponent's court. Meanwhile, it also puts lots of pressure on the opponent, minimizes faults of player and improves fun in the game.

Proven technology contributes to favorable prices.

One of the goals of HUDEF is to offer the most favorable price that would make the game accessible to all who love pickleball, especially for pickelball enthusiasts who do not have the opportunity to play with high-end paddle. Now, they can use such professional tool to enjoy the game. 

In addition to beautiful graphic design, HUDEF Special printing pickleball paddle has also utilized quality blended fibers and high-density polypropylene honeycomb materials.

Since the surface materials supplier is a factory that we have cooperated with for many years, it has helped us produce various kinds of paddles and printing products. On the basis of mutual trust, our development and production costs can be reduced to a great extent.

HUDEF pickleball paddles are widely used in various national tournaments, with users ranging from beginners to professional players. We hope to meet the needs of all who love pickleball and make continuous product upgrades. We aim to enhance the quality, while helping players perform better on the courts and boosting their pickleball skills.

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