The Sword paddle features a longer handle for players who enjoy a two handed backhand or prefer a handle with more length.

This paddle provides excellent power while maintaining a unique soft touch, spin and control.

Hudef re-adjusted the polypropylene honeycomb core to match the unique long handle of the Sword to improve its control and flexibility.

HUDEF created its own unique printing technology, giving our paddles a soft feel with excellent spin. Made of proprietary layers, our team of engineers selected the best materials and underwent

thousands of tests to ensure our paddles are durable and provide predictable results every time they are used.

The HUDEF Sword Paddle: The origin of sword: the sword is most familiar. One of the oldest weapons, in human history in the face of battle. The sword has played the role as the core weapon.

In each battle, it has to protect the life of the master and help the master to win a great victory!

In world history of influential battles, the history books records the sword's merit. But, also records the number of casualties in battles. This is a harsh warning to mankind, of the need to reduce and avoid war, making human life more harmonious and beautiful!

Therefore, in some countries, the sharp sword has become a symbol of life protection. By helping people, who yearn for a better life, to bravely overcome any difficulties.

In our desire to help create "a better life" Hudef has especially designed the HUDEF Sword paddle. Featuring both attack and counterattack.

We trust all players will like it, and play well with the HUDEF Sword paddle in hand!




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