About Us

Hudef USA and Hudef Guangdong, China both belong to Hong Kong Jusheng International Group Co., Ltd. Hudef is precisely positioned in the popular sports market and is committed to making high-performance products. Goal to carry out sales business around the world, Hudef products can bring customers health and happiness, so that customers can rest assured that the purchase of real products and the necessary innovation is the cornerstone of Hudef's development. The company's consistent requirements: do not mislead consumers to purchase at will, treat each customer's needs in good faith, do not waste a penny of consumers at will! 

Why is the factory located in Guangdong, China? 

Guangdong enjoys the reputation of being the factory of the world, and the manufacturers of all international well-known brands (whether international well-known brands or unknown brands, no matter what industry) are concentrated here. There are unique production technologies and the pursuit of high-quality ideas. since China's reform and opening up in 1978, global leaders in various industries have come here one after another to set up factories, and a lot of high-tech industrial technology has been deposited here. So there is no doubt that Hudef's mainland Chinese factory chose this place. 

Why should Hudef innovate when necessary? 

With the progress of society, human beings are sometimes constantly making waste and hurting our planet, so Hudef products are not innovative products as long as they are products that have not been improved in raw materials, functions, structures, and processing processes. Can not be priced and disseminated according to the price of innovative products. Only in the raw materials, functions, structures and processing technology to improve the product can be regarded as an innovative product, can be regarded as a necessary innovation of the product.