Pickleball Paddle HB2.0 Blue

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Material:Graphite Fiber Face+Polypropylene Honeycomb Core



Handle Length:
4.33"Grip diameter:
4 1/8"
Average weight:7.9oz

HUDEF Special Printing : Yes

3D printing: No

Never Fade: Yes

HUDEF HB2.0 is  a professional pickleball paddle for tournament players!!!

HIGH QUALITY - The pickleball paddle is created with high technology,superior materials,and top-level craftsmanship.Perfect weight (Lightweight:an average of 7.9oz )makes the paddle achieve a perfect balance between touch,power and control.The amazing pickleball racket excellent for tournament players win game.

ULTRA DURABLE FACE & QUIETEST CORE - The game paddle face is made of high-strength composite fiber with a good anti-slip performance,bringing better balls control and twice as durable as the other paddle.Meanwhile high strength polypropylene honeycomb core give you a non-vibration feeling and super silent noise-reduced core make the paddle racket ideal for communities with noise restrictions.

NEWEST DOUBLE BUFFERING TECHNOLOGY -pickleball paddle HB2.0,On the one hand it use an ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable grip,on the other hand the handle of the racket also adds a cushion against fatigue.Sweat absorbent cushioned grip of the paddle with perforations increase gripping power and moisture absorption and help you enjoy longtime play without fatigue,allows for wrist action,spin,power and quick hand changes flawlessly,more suitable for tournament players.

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