HUDEF Special Printing pickleball paddle warranty card:

Abuse, user modification and natural damage caused by long-term use are not covered by the insurance. Also not covered by the warranty are the damage to pickleball paddle performance because of loosening of the edge and damage to the honeycomb core caused by the impact of a pickleball paddle or hard object (such as another pickleball paddle) on the ground. But please note that the discoloration of HUDEF  special printing pickleball paddle surface pattern is still within the scope of warranty, which is the limited lifetime warranty condition for pickleball paddle surface color that initiated in the pickleball paddle industry. We promise: HUDEF special printing paddles will never fade.

The warranty period is within one year from the date of purchase.

If you are not satisfied with the gameplay and durability of the product, HUDEF special printing  paddle will refund your purchase cost within 30 days.

We can guarantee that the HUDEF pickleball paddles you own will not be defective in material and workmanship from the manufacturer.We promise: HUDEF special printing paddles will never fade  minimizing the risks for consumers to purchase new pickleball paddles.

Use the HUDEF sport registration paddle to activate the warranty. The warranty is not transferable after registration and applies only to the original owner.

The warranty does not cover normal wear, negligence, user modifications or surface scratches.

Products not covered by this policy include products for demonstration purposes and products provided free of charge.

We will keep your data confidential and will not sell or distribute it to third parties.

HUDEF SPORT INC reserves all the right for the final interpretation.